Verbal Identity

Principles for messaging and content.

Brand Platform

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Messaging Framework

Our platform line gives us a flexible framework that clarifies and elevates our brand promise while creating an emotional connection. It allows us to speak to all audiences and enable them to imagine their world, secured.

Brand Level

Solutions Level

Product Level

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Voice and Tone

What are voice and tone?

Voice is Zscaler's personality. It's the way we speak and carry ourselves at all times.

Tone is an expression of our personality. It's a natural modulation of our voice, changing slightly for different channels, instances, and contexts.

Be purposeful.

We write with purpose regardless of where we're communicating because we're a brand with purpose. We show up with the utmost intention and thoughtfulness, and everything we do is for a reason and without pretension. No word is ever wasted.

Purposeful means…
Substantial but not verbose.
Pragmatic but not complicated.
Authoritative but not unapproachable.

Be passionate.

We convey what's possible and always come from a place of unlocking people's potential and enabling their worlds. We're proud of this platform that we've built and believe in what it can do for businesses and users everywhere, and we let it be known.

Passionate means…
Aspirational but not naive.
Bold but not intense.
Curious but not tentative.

Be positive.

We lead with optimism—not fear or doubt—because we know that we're helping to foster a more secure workforce across the globe. This makes our communications more confident and proactive, allowing us to focus our efforts on solutions rather than issues.

Positive means…
Enthusiastic but not cliché.
Reassuring but not unrealistic.
Supportive but not pushy.

Be personal.

We write for real people with real needs. With empathy as a priority, we tailor our interactions to the user, ensuring that everything we say is relevant to their world.

Personal means…
Familiar but not presumptuous.
Attentive but not obsessive.
Warm but not inauthentic.

Be precise.

We always carry ourselves with credibility. When it comes to speaking about our technology and the cybersecurity industry at large, we pride ourselves on getting to the truth of the matter, down to the smallest detail. It’s how we’ve built our reputation as thought leaders.

Precise means…
Truthful but not mechanical.
Decisive but not inflexible.
Knowledgeable but not condescending.

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